Don't Piss off Mom

Don't Piss off Mom

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The worst thing you can possibly do is piss off my Mom

She will open the gates of hell and escort your ass right on in
& she will do it with a smile on her face
Short sleeve T-shirt
available in Ladies & Mens Black T-shirts

At Vista Fabrications we take great pride in producing the best hand-made products possible.  If you are choosing to provide your own shirt for the logo to be applied to the following guidelines must be followed - 

  • Cotton, Polyester, or Poly/Cotton blend are the best fabrics to use. Stay away from Rayon, Silk or anything that can't handle high heat.
  • No Ribbed shirts
  • If a mistake occurs that is considered our fault with your shirt we will replace it (at our expense) with an item as close as possible to the original.  We cannot guarantee the exact same item.
  • DO NOT place the iron directly on the logo.
  • Machine wash and dry the shirt according to the directions on the label.
  • Wash shirt inside out to protect the logo

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