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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Love our king size bed and thankfully it just fit in the new bedroom. However it left barely any room for nightstands. We found a couple small white nightstands at Ikea that fit just perfect. They were smaller so we had no room for all the stuff we collect beside the bed. The lamps had to go but we needed to find a wire free solution. This house is old and has plaster and lathe walls so doing a bunch of wiring and making holes was not high on our list.

We found these awesome wall sconces with a gold MCM look that I was looking for. Now we just had to make them wireless and get the hubby to mount them!

Making them wireless was super easy we purchased these battery operated puck lights with remotes. I used silicone caulking to attach them inside the sconce but you could use any type of stone adhesive. Tucked the cord back in the lamp and voila battery operated wall sconces in the bedroom!

Now I would reorder these sconces again in a heartbeat they are great quality and beautiful exactly what I was looking for. The downfall would be the puck lights make sure you are stocked up with AAA batteries as we find we change them fairly often. Still a small price to pay to have more room on my nightstand.

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