Frequently asked questions

Does the Toasty Tush require batteries?

No, the Toasty Tush reflects your own bodies heat back towards you to keep you warm.

What is your turn around time for custom shirts?

To be honest it all depends on how busy we are and how many items you are wanting. If we need to order your apparel in in typically takes 1.5 weeks then the logo process can begin. Please send us a message with what it is you are wanting and we can give you a more exact timeline.

Can I bring my own items to have the logo applied?

Yes you definitely can! Just ensure it is able to withstand high temperatures, stay away from fabrics such as rayon and silk. No ribbed shirts the vinyl will not apply properly on an uneven surface such as this.

How is Heat Transfer Vinyl applied?

HTV is where each vinyl color is cut and then applied with high heat and pressure to adhere it to the fabric. Each item is cut and placed individually allowing us to personalize each item especially for you!

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